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Releases for RepoDb.Sqlite.Microsoft

Please click here to see the actual Nuget package. Otherwise, please click here to download it.

RepoDb.Sqlite.Microsoft (v1.13.0-alpha1)

  • Referenced the RepoDb package v1.13.0-alpha1.
  • Upgraded the Microsoft.Data.Sqlite to v6.0.9.

RepoDb.Sqlite.Microsoft (v1.0.1)

  • Initial release.
  • Bug: Dot in schema name #1015
  • Referenced the RepoDb package v1.12.10.
  • Upgraded the Microsoft.Data.Sqlite to v6.0.2.

RepoDb.Sqlite.Microsoft (v1.0.1-beta1)

  • Question: why to order by a field, it needs to be in the select? #963
  • Supported the .NET v6.0.
  • Added the Title and PackageTags tags in the Nuget Package (.nuspec references).
  • Microsoft.Data.Sqlite Version #995
  • Upgraded the Microsoft.Data.Sqlite to v6.0.1.
  • Added the 6.0 to the target frameworks.

RepoDb.Sqlite.Microsoft (v1.0.0)

  • Request: Separate the SqLite Nuget Library into 2 #880.