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A cacher class for the IPropertyHandler objects that has been mapped to .NET CLR type or class property. Underneath, it uses the PropertyHandlerMapper class to extract the results and caching it for future use.


Below are the methods available from this class.

FlushAllows you to flush the caches.
GetReturns the instance of the property handler.


You can simply call the Get() method of this class by passing the class type.

Type Level

var propertyHandler = PropertyHandlerCache.Get<IntTypeProperHandler>(typeof(int));
// Use the 'propertyHandler' here

Or via generic.

var propertyHandler = PropertyHandlerCache.Get<int, IntTypeProperHandler>();
// Use the 'propertyHandler' here

Property Level

var propertyHandler = PropertyHandlerCache.Get<Customer, CustomerAddressPropertyHandler>("Address");
// Use the 'propertyHandler' here

Or via generic.

var propertyHandler = PropertyHandlerCache.Get<Customer, CustomerAddressPropertyHandler>(e => e.Address);
// Use the 'propertyHandler' here