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This class stands as the base class of all IDbSetting-based classes.


To simplify your implementation, always use this class over the IDbSetting interface when overriding the default database settings.

How to Implement?

Simply create a class that inherits this class, then set the properties in the constructor.

public sealed class MyCustomSqlServerDbSetting : BaseDbSetting
    public MyCustomSqlServerDbSetting()
        : base()
        AreTableHintsSupported = true;
        AverageableType = typeof(double);
        ClosingQuote = "]";
        DefaultSchema = "dbo";
        IsDirectionSupported = true;
        IsExecuteReaderDisposable = true;
        IsMultiStatementExecutable = true;
        IsPreparable = true;
        IsUseUpsert = false;
        OpeningQuote = "[";
        ParameterPrefix = "@";
        SchemaSeparator = ".";

Additional benefits when using this class, you do not need to implement the GetHashCode() method as it is already implemented within the base class.


Simply use the DbSettingMapper class to map it to a specific RDBMS data provider.

DbSettingMapper.Add(typeof(SqlConnection), new MyCustomSqlServerDbSetting(), true);