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A mapper class that is being used to map the class into its equivalent object in the database (i.e.: Table, View). This class is used as an alternative to the Map attribute.


Below is the list of methods.

AddAdds a mapping between the class and the name of the database object.
ClearClears all the existing database object name mappings.
GetGets the existing mapped database object name of the class.
RemoveRemoves the exising database object name of the class.


To add a mapping, simply call the Add() method.

ClassMapper.Add<Customer>("[sales].[Customer]", true);

An exception will be thrown if the mapping is already exists and you passed a false value in the force argument.

To get the mapping, use the Get() method.

var mappedName = ClassMapper.Get<Customer>();

Please consider to always use the ClassMappedNameCache class when extracting the mapped class name.

To remove the mapping, use the Remove() method.