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This interface is used to mark a class to be a resolver object. This interface accepts upto the maximum 7 input generic types and 1 output generic type.

In each number of inputted generic types, a method named Resolve is given.


This interface is used internally by the library, specially in the BaseStatementBuilder.

Or, you can use it on a situation like:

  • Handling the transformation of the column based on the database settings.
  • Handling the way on how to correct the inputted value.

The use-case can be unlimitted based your situation.

How to Implement?

You have to manually create a class that implements this interface.

public class ColumnNameResolver : IResolver<string, IDbSetting, string>
    public string Resolve(string input, IDbSetting setting)
        return input?.AsField(setting);


Then, you can always use it like this.

var setting = DbSettingMapper.Get(typeof(SqlConnection));
var resolver = new ColumnNameResolver();
var fieldName = "Id";
var column = resolver.Resolve(fieldName, setting);

// The value of column would be '[Id]', instead of 'Id'

Or, you can pass it on your custom Statement Builder.

public class OptimizedSqlServerStatementBuilder : BaseStatementBuilder
    public OptimizedSqlServerStatementBuilder(IDbSetting dbSetting,
        IResolver<Field, IDbSetting, string> convertFieldResolver)
        : base(dbSetring, convertFieldResolver, null)
    { }

Please see the convert field resolver page for more details.