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A mapper class that is being used to map a class property to be an identity property. This class is used as an alternative to the Identity attribute.


Below are the methods available from this class.

  • Add - adds an identity property mapping into a class.
  • Clear - clears all the exising identity property mappings.
  • Get - gets the existing mapped identity property of the class.
  • Remove - removes the exising mapped identity property of the class.


To add a mapping, simply call the Add() method.

IdentityMapper.Add<Customer>(c => c.Id, true);

An exception will be thrown if the mapping is already exists and you passed a false value in the force argument.

To get the mapping, use the Get() method.

var property = IdentityMapper.Get<Customer>();

Please consider to always use the IdentityCache class when extracting the mapped class property identity.

To remove the mapping, use the Remove() method.