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A class that is used to map a class handler into a .NET CLR type. This class is used as an alternative to ClassHandler attribute.

Please see the IClassHandlerMapper for more details about the property handling implementation.


Below are the methods available from this class.

  • Add - adds a class handler mapping on a specific .NET CLR type.
  • Clear - clears all the mappings for the class handlers.
  • Get - gets the mapped class handler specific to the .NET CLR type.
  • Remove - removes the mapping of the .NET CLR type into a class handler.


You should use this class if you do not like to use the ClassHandler attribute. Usually, the purpose of the usability is to make sure that the model is attribute-free and is not bound to a specific ORM.

How to use?

Let us say you had implemented a Person handler like below.

public class PersonClassHandler : IClassHandler<Person>
    public Person Get(Person entity, DbDataReader dataReader)
        return entity;

    public Person Set(Person entity)
        return entity;

How to Map?

There are various ways of mapping a class handler into an entity model. You can use either do the following approach.

Via the ClassHandlerMapper class.

    .Add(typeof(Person), new PersonClassHandler(), true);

Or, via the FluentMapper class.


Or, via an explicit ClassHandler attribute.

publi class Person