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This class is used to handle the necessary information when constructing a data parameter. It is used by both QueryGroup and QueryField objects to manage all the parameters creation.

Internally, the library is using this class as an entries for creating the DbParameter objects.


var parameter = new Parameter("@Id", 10045);

Or with DbType.

var parameter = new Parameter("@Id", 10045, DbType.String);


The QueryField class is instantiating this class internally during the constructor.

var queryField = new QueryField("Id", 10045);
var parameter = queryField.Parameter;
var name = parameter.Name; // @Id
var value = parameter.Value; // 10045


Since the QueryGroup is a grouping class of the list of QueryField objects, then you can also extract the parameters here.

var queryFields = new[]
    new QueryField("LastName", Operation.Like, "Doe%"),
    new QueryField("State", "Michigan")
var queryGroup = new QueryGroup(queryFields);

// Extract
var parameters = queryGroup
    .Select(qf = qf.Parameter);

// Make the stuffs for the 'parameters' here


This method is used to reset the current instance to its default state just right after the instantiation.

var parameter = new Parameter("@Id", 10045, false);
// Do the stuffs for the 'parameter' here

If you call the QueryField.IsForUpdate(), the name of the parameter is prefixed by an underscore (‘_’), and by calling this method, it will reinstate it back to its original name.