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This class is used as an item for the ICache object. It implements the IExpirable interface.


Below is the list of properties.

KeyThe key to the cache.
ValueThe value of the class (a generic type).
CacheItemExpirationThe expiration of the cache in minutes.

Creating New Instance

Below is the way on how to create a new instance of this class.

var expirationInMinutes = 180;
var item = new CacheItem("Key", "Value", expirationInMinutes);

Passing to the Cache

Usually, the ICache object is embedded within the repository. Let us say you have a repository named PersonRepository.

The code below is an explicit call to add a cache in a manual manner.

var people = GetPeople();
var expirationInMinutes = 180;
var item = new CacheItem<IEnumerable<Person>>("CacheKey:ActivePeople", people, expirationInMinutes);

using (var repository = new PersonRepository())

Usually, the cache will automatically be set by passing a value to the cacheKey argument when calling the Query or BatchQuery operations.

Retrieving from the Cache

To retrieve an item from the cache, directly access the ICache object and call the Get() method passing the key.

Let us say, the repository PersonRepository is existing.

var item = repository.Cache.Get<IEnumerable<Person>>("CacheKey:ActivePeople");

If the cache is not found on the given key, by default it will throw an exception. You can set the throwException argument to false if you wish not to throw an exception.