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This interface is used to mark a class to be a class handler object. This interface has TEntity generic types in which being used at both the Get() and Set() methods.

Generic Types

  • TEntity - refers to the type of the entity type. This type is used as the input to and result type of the Get() and Set() methods.


  • Get - the method that is being invoked when the outbound execution is triggered (i.e.: Query, QueryAll and BatchQuery).
  • Set - the method that is being invoked when the inbound execution is triggered (i.e.: Insert, Update, Merge and etc).

The Get() method has an additional argument of type DbDataReader. It refers to the actual instance of the DbDataReader in used during the deserialization process.

How to Implement?

You have to manually create a class that implements this interface.

public class PersonClassHandler : IClassHandler<Person>
    public Person Get(Person input, DbDataReader dataReader)
        // Handle the Class before sending back to the caller

    public string Set(Person input)
        // Handle the Class before sending to DB

How to Map?

There are various ways of mapping a class handler into an entity model. You can use either do the following approach.

Via the ClassHandlerMapper class.

    .Add(typeof(Person), new PersonClassHandler(), true);

Or, via the FluentMapper class.


Or, via an explicit ClassHandler attribute.

publi class Person