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This interface is used to mark a class to be a database helper object. It is very useful if you would like optimize and override the default implementation of the library (i.e.: retrieving the list of fields, retrieving newly generated identity).


Below is the list of methods.

GetFieldsGets the list of DbField objects from the database.
GetScopedIdentityGets the newly generated identity from the database.

How to Implement?

You have to manually create a class that implements this interface.

public class OptimizedSqlServerDbHelper : IDbHelper
    public IEnumerable<DbField> GetFields(IDbConnection connection,
        string tableName,
        IDbTransaction transaction = null)
        // Implementations for the GetFields() here

    public object GetScopeIdentity(IDbConnection connection,
        IDbTransaction transaction = null)
        // Implementations for the GetScopeIdentity() here


Please see the more detailed implementations at Database Helper page.

You have to implement all the methods needed by this interface. With this, you have the full control of you helper object.


Once you have the database helper implemented in a customized class, you can use the DbHelperMapper class to map it in your target RDDMS data provider.

DbHelperMapper.Add(typeof(SqlConnection), new OptimizedSqlServerDbHelper(), true);

The library will then use your customized database helper in most of the extended methods of the DbConnection object.