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Convert Field Resolver

This object is used within the BaseStatementBuilder class as a resolver when converting a column to a specific type.

How to Implement?

Simply create a class that implements the IResolver. The generic types must be of type Field and DbSetting. The return type must be of string.

public class SqlServerConvertFieldResolver : IResolver<Field, IDbSetting, string>

Then, implement the Resolve() method like below.

public string Resolve(Field field,
    IDbSetting dbSetting)
    if (field != null && field.Type != null)
        var dbType = GetDbTypeFromSystemType(field.Type); // We recommend that you create an additional resolver called 'DbTypeResolver'
        if (dbType != null)
            var dbTypeName = GetStringNameFromDbType(dbType); // We recommend that you create an additional resolver called 'StringNameResolver'
            return string.Concat("CAST(", field.Name.AsField(dbSetting), " AS ", dbTypeName.AsQuoted(dbSetting), ")");
    return field?.Name?.AsQuoted(true, true, dbSetting);


You have to simply pass it when inheritting the BaseStatementBuilder class.

internal sealed class OptimizedSqlServerStatementBuilder : BaseStatementBuilder
    public OptimizedSqlServerStatementBuilder()
        : base(DbSettingMapper.Get(typeof(SqlConnection)),
            new SqlServerConvertFieldResolver())
    { }

Please see the Statement Builder for more information.