Yesterday (April 9, 2020), I had issued a PR to FransBouma’s RawDataAccessBencher with the latest version of RepoDB, plus with the following updates:

  • Upgrading the System.Data.SqlClient to version 4.8.0.
  • Referencing the Microsoft.Data.SqlClient version 1.1.1.
  • Added the Initialize() method in the BencherBase class.

By today (April 10, 2020), FransBouma reach out to me to have some collaborations about the PR (can be found here), in which was approved in few hours after.

Right after the PR’s approval, I received a Tweet about the bencher’s execution.

RepoDB remains as the fastest and the most-efficient in .NET ORM library in SET fetches. It is 2 years in a row as of writing this.

Please exclude the HandCoded Materializer result when the outcome of the bencher.

Result for NET Core (Set Fetches)

The actual result can be found here.

Result for NET Framework (Set Fetches)

The actual result can be found here.

Result for NET Core (Individual Fetches)

RepoDB has downed to 4th place (previous 1st place) in INDIVIDUAL fetches. See the result below.

The actual result can be found here.

The reason to this is the update at v1.10.x. There is a feature that has been introduced to RepoDB that needs to be executed in every calls to ExecuteQuery method. This would affect both the INDIVIDUAL and SET fetches. However, the library is fast enough when converting big chunk of records, the effect to SET fetches is not that much.